Welcome to HACCP-V

We have developed a State of the Art hazard-control protocol to restrict viral infection risks in professional & leisure environments and activities.

Our goal is to create and offer a wide range of practical and flexible tools to increase human health & life protection without a complete lock-down of economic activities. General standards and measures are combined with custom made solutions and out of the box ideas.

The implemented standards are in line with EU & International protocols. We aim to apply more restrictive measures than those allowed by the local government for non-priority activities to make spreading as unlikely as possible. Our team of professionals has a wide range of experience in local & international projects and problem solving. We hope to not only improve the health of the economy, but also the mental health of the population.

We offer custom made solutions for your specific business and help to harmonize and integrate the HACCP-V protocol into your specific processes, infrastructural situation and resources. We can form and coach your local security and prevention management.

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